Facebook Monkey Business

  FACEBOOK MONKEY BUSINESS   The business goal is to automate leads, sales and workflows whenever programmatically possible. The fun is finding pieces that play nice with as little hustle heartburn as possible. What stuff do you put on which string of the system to make the whole move smooth. […]

Email Autoforwarding to Highrise CRM

  Gmail can be autoforwarded to HighRise CRM. So today we announce that you can autoforward your email from Exchange, Outlook 365, and pretty much any email server or provider that supports autoforwarding. We’ve had Gmail support for this for awhile now, but today we open it up to everyone. […]

WordCamp Raleigh 2016 Slides

We have now collected together links to all of the slides for each session from our speakers. Thank you again to all our speakers, we hope they enjoyed speaking as much as we enjoyed their sessions. Here are all the links for the slides separated by track: Beginner’s Track To […]

Mobile Marketing

  Programmable SMS https://www.twilio.com/sms/features Program in the language you already use with helper libraries available from Twilio and its community. Start building with all the information you need and get unstuck quickly with how-to guides, sample code, and extensive API documentation. Saved upwork twilio allstar!

BeTheme – How to Remove Social Share Boxes

  to remove social share box which is on the left side, please go to Theme options > Getting started > General and turn OFF ”Share box” button.   Source: https://themeforest.net/item/betheme-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/7758048/comments?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=How+to+remove+social+share+&from_buyers_and_authors_only=0&order_by=relevance  

How To Do A Bible Word Study

1. Look up the English meaning of your word. Once you have your word chosen, begin by looking it up in a dictionary. Although we want to see the word in the original language, this step will give you a frame of reference for your word and get you thinking […]

MicroSized Best Practices Buzz Words

JUMP NOW 9/21/2016 legal solutions business insight data analytics compliance customer acquisition fraud detection health outcomes identity solutions investigation receivables management risk decisioning workflow optimization best-in-class testing and optimization (program) digital analytics LexisNexis leverages more than 10,000 data sources, providing the largest base of public and proprietary information available on […]

How To Get In Flow

Here are 9 key steps to achieving and benefiting from Flow: Choose work you love. … Choose an important task. … Make sure it’s challenging, but not too hard. … Find your quiet, peak time. … Clear away distractions. … Learn to focus on that task for as long as possible. […]

Download Amazon Zoom Image

I was reading an article on gear needed for video production on a smartphone.  The Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand For Smaller Phones was the recommendation:  nice!  That goes on the wish list. What stood out to me however, was one of the product images.  It was a colorful graphic that displayed [...]