Facebook Monkey Business

  FACEBOOK MONKEY BUSINESS   The business goal is to automate leads, sales and workflows whenever programmatically possible. The fun is finding pieces that play nice with as little hustle heartburn as possible. What stuff do you put on which string of the system to make the whole move smooth. […]

Email Autoforwarding to Highrise CRM

  Gmail can be autoforwarded to HighRise CRM. So today we announce that you can autoforward your email from Exchange, Outlook 365, and pretty much any email server or provider that supports autoforwarding. We’ve had Gmail support for this for awhile now, but today we open it up to everyone. […]

WordCamp Raleigh 2016 Slides

We have now collected together links to all of the slides for each session from our speakers. Thank you again to all our speakers, we hope they enjoyed speaking as much as we enjoyed their sessions. Here are all the links for the slides separated by track: Beginner’s Track To […]

How To Get In Flow

Here are 9 key steps to achieving and benefiting from Flow: Choose work you love. … Choose an important task. … Make sure it’s challenging, but not too hard. … Find your quiet, peak time. … Clear away distractions. … Learn to focus on that task for as long as possible. […]

xSplit Broadcaster First Look

OBJECTIVE: Use YouTube Live for Client Only Recorded Webinars with the EasyWebinar Plugin and/or Click Funnels integration for marketing, analytics, sales and follow-up. PROOF OF CONCEPT TASK: Do “private” knowledge transfer webinar to handoff completed web development project. DESIRED CAPABILITIES: In addition to recording the session, I want all the features […]