Email Autoforwarding to Highrise CRM


Gmail can be autoforwarded to HighRise CRM.

So today we announce that you can autoforward your email from Exchange, Outlook 365, and pretty much any email server or provider that supports autoforwarding. We’ve had Gmail support for this for awhile now, but today we open it up to everyone.

How Automation Can Help

You don’t need another address book; you need a way to keep potential deals from falling through the cracks. You don’t need another email client; you need to get better at meeting new customers. You don’t need another todo list; you need more time with your family.

Software should simplify the jobs we have, so we can spend our time where it matters.


Gmail Auto-Forwarding

Gmail provides a great way to filter and forward your mail.

Now, you can use Gmail to auto-forward mail from people right to your Highrise dropbox, cases, or deals. You can even have those emails create tasks — imagine an [email protected] creating tasks automatically for you.

For example, the [email protected] email I mentioned above, forwards right into a case the Highrise team is using to track feedback.

You can setup your own [email protected], or[email protected] type emails in your Google Apps account (or even get fancy with your personal Gmail account) and have those emails show up in Highrise automatically. And what’s great about using Gmail for this, is it takes advantage of the excellent Spam filtering Gmail already has.

Here’s a tutorial that explains how to go into Gmail to setup your forwarding addresses to use with Highrise:


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