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The business goal is to automate leads, sales and workflows whenever programmatically possible. The fun is finding pieces that play nice with as little hustle heartburn as possible. What stuff do you put on which string of the system to make the whole move smooth. That is the question.
Today, I’m re-thinking email marketing and taking a closer look at MailChimp for email automation. I was impressed that MailChimp integrates with (a LOT of stuff) …LeadPages, HighRise CRM, Google Contacts which holding tight spaces in my “Tech Stack”. Though LeadPages has a nipping competitor… but more on that another time. It was also the platform of choice for mompreneur Andrea Olson. I heard her talk at WordCamp Raleigh titled, “The Magic of Funnels: Using WordPress to Turn Visitors into Buyers.” If Mail Chimp works for a mom of 3 (4th’s in the oven!)… I should think about it less of the “free one until you get one” and more like the “one that grows with you.”
I will be comparing Mail Chimp to Aweber and GetResponse. I also like that Mail Chimp has a cute monkey and it’s a private company based in Atlanta, GA – USA. I also LOVE companies that are playful. GetResponse is like that too. Some of their monster animations are down right hilarious. Nobody loves technology only because it’s technology… I guess??**!!&^ … well I don’t anyway. What I like most about technology is that it usually helps me to do something smarter, better or quicker. When that happens, most times we save time; the master we all must answer to. Besides software ultimately boils down to 1s and 0s – simple right? Yep. I say, “Software is serious business. Don’t take it too seriously.” If whatever grandeur it is supposed to do for me does not work straight away right out of the box, I usually will move to the next thing. Simplicity IS genius.
I also thought it was interesting that “Mail Chimp” was the only autoresponder that currently integrates natively with Facebook Lead Ads. Facebook Lead ads are not yet integrated into Facebook Advertising courses from Rick Mulready, Mari Smith, or Jon Loomer Digital. This may mean that the feature is still in live beta and ‘buggy’. I tried a lead ad campaign for a retargeted custom audience this week. Nothing. That doesn’t mean much except it was easy to setup and I was wow’ing with the ability to create my very own survey-like questions.
se. There may be a relationship there that needs to be explored (or exploited). As we say in software dev, one monkey CAN stop a show… but the Mail Chimp monkey may have some special privileges here… We’ll see. I also found Facebook Lead Ads in the Mail Chimp knowledge base.
I imagine more marketers with HUGE LISTS use Aweber because it is the deliverability king, but when you have a 50 person list instead of a 50,000 subscriber list, is deliverability where you’re spinning your wheels? I hope not.
The following announcement gives some apples-to-apples Mail Chimp comparison components. It was found here: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=59029119
September 16, 2015 – “MailChimp Announces the
…features MailChimp announced its release yet—the Pro package, a suite of intuitive testing, analysis, and reporting features designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their email and e-commerce marketing. The entire feature set costs only
$199 in addition to a monthly plan.
Multivariate testing makes it easier than ever to discover which
…perform best. MailChimp is the first service to offer true
with a drag and drop editor. Comparative reports allow marketers to view performance over time, compare campaigns to each other in a single view, schedule recurring reports, and build segments based on reports. Priority support automatically directs Pro users to a special team of experts whenever they need technical support. Delivery Insight shows users where their campaigns are after they click “Send.” It’s like tracking a shipment, but for emails, MailChimp Reputation Score shows where an individual account stands from a deliverability perspective, and how it compares to other users’ accounts and Stop Delivery halts a high-volume campaign in real time, stopping the send before it hits inboxes.”
Here we go…

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