How To Do A Bible Word Study

1. Look up the English meaning of your word.

Once you have your word chosen, begin by looking it up in a dictionary. Although we want to see the word in the original language, this step will give you a frame of reference for your word and get you thinking a little deeper about it’s meaning. I normally use the Miriam Webster dictionary for this step.

2. Go to to search your word.

So here’s where you’re going to get busy. I’ve included screen shots to help you quickly navigate the site.

What you’re going to do is search reference materials to find the original word in Hebrew or Greek, as well as the meaning and intent of your word in the original language.

Not all versions of the Bible are searchable for some of the reference tools (such as Strong’s Concordance or the New Testament Greek Lexicon), so you’ll need to select the New American Standard Bible to do a word study search. Just enter the scripture reference your word appears in and select the New American Standard Bible. Below is an example:
Bible Word Study 1

Once you’ve made your selection, hit “Find It!” Your verse will pop up. All the words in blue text are searchable. Simply click on the word you are studying like so:

7 Simple steps to do a Bible word study online!

3. Write down the definitions for your word.

When you click on the blue text, it will pull up a detailed list of the word in it’s original language, the part of speech it is, it’s meaning, where it is found in the Bible, and more.

Go ahead and read through the definitions and write down what it means in your own words.

7 Simple steps to do a Bible word study online!


4. Make observations about the word.

Once you’ve looked at the definition, you’ll want to make some basic observations about the word such as:

>What part of speech it is

>How many times this word is used in Scripture

>What books/writers use this word

>The contexts the word is mentioned in

>Where it first occurred in Scripture

Then, if possible, look up all the verses that contain this word.


7 Simple steps to do a Bible word study online!

To complete this step, jot down your observations about how this word is used in the Bible.

5. Find the root meaning.

The next thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the word origin. This will give further insight into the root word and overall intent/ connotations associated with your word.

7 Simple steps to do a Bible word study online!

For example, when I did my study, I found the root word associated with “consider” is “logos.” This was another rich study in and of itself and I drew several conclusions as to how these words relate and what it means for me as a follower of Christ.

6. Write out an application.

The final step is to make a personal application. Bible study should result in a changed life. Here is where you’ll take everything you found and write out a personal, practical conclusion.

That’s it! Now that you know how to do it, share what word you’re going to study first~ I’d love to hear it!





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