xSplit Broadcaster First Look

OBJECTIVE: Use YouTube Live for Client Only Recorded Webinars with the EasyWebinar Plugin and/or Click Funnels integration for marketing, analytics, sales and follow-up.

PROOF OF CONCEPT TASK: Do “private” knowledge transfer webinar to handoff completed web development project.

DESIRED CAPABILITIES: In addition to recording the session, I want all the features of a google hangout video that is initiated from gmail, i.e., share screen, webcam, change presenters,


Presentations and Scenes

  • A presentation is a collection of scenes in xsplit broadcaster.  When you open xsplit broadcaster, it loads the last presentation that was open.
  • If you need to recover a presentation, hold down SHIFT during login, select the second option and pick one of the automatically backed up presentations.
  • A scene is a collection of sources that can be given meaningful names.

Two Types of Screen Capture

  • Window Capture – when you select SCREEN CAPTURE from the source menu, you will see a targeting receptacle; select the entire window or the inner section.
  • When the targeting receptacle is not hovering a program window, a desktop monitor will be captured.  This shows all open windows.
  • Click and hold while selecting to capture a specific region of the desktop or a region of a specific window.

Add Webcam as A Source

  • Click ADD.  Click WEBCAM, CAPTURE CARD, VIDEO DEVICES.  Click the name of your webcam.
  • To change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 right click on the webcam in the source list and click CAM tab >> CONFIGURE menu >> select 16:9 resolutions such as 640 x 360 or 1280 x 720 from the list.


  • 30 Frames per second

Audio Setup

  • Click TOOLS >> GENERAL SETTINGS >> AUDIO tab (or the gear symbol next to the speaker symbol.
  • In Microsoft Windows, system sound is also known as a playback device.  Choosing DEFAULT SPEAKERS usually works too.
  • Devices can be any speaker, monitor, or headset that can playback PC audio.
  • In Windows a microphone is also known as a recording device.  The recording device can be any microphone, external audio interface, or USB Mixer.  Selecting DEFAULT MICROPHONE works too.
  • A delay can be set on both system sound and microphone to increase the volume range.  The volume range can be increased to a maximum of 300%.
  • Setting a delay allows the synchronization of system sound and microphone devices to other devices that have a delay.
  • Silence detection can be applied to microphones to mute audio coming into it if it is not above the set threshold level.  Mute the microphone for a duration longer than the silence period.
  • The recommendation is to leave the sampling rate set to automatic.
  • Selecting a playback device different than the system sound device, such as headphones allows the preview of the final mix of all audio added to xsplit broadcaster.

Going Live on Facebook

  • Choose OUTPUTS from the menu.  Choose GET MORE OUTPUTS.  Search the Plugin Store for Facebook Live.

  • Authorize your Facebook username. You can post as your profile or your fan page.

XSplit Broadcaster – Best YouTube recording and Stream settings!




  • Setting up the Stage
  • Setting up a Live Stream
  • Setting Up and Managing Recordings
  • Using Express Video Editor
  • General Settings Overview
  • Adding Text to Scene
  • Advance Source Settings
  • Preview Editor
  • Projector Mode
  • Stinger Transitions
  • Adding SKYPE Video
  • Adding Chat
  • Track TL
  • Adding a Webpage as Source
  • White Board Plugin


xSplit Broadcaster Manual


Getting Started video playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEjelYgdC6Wxy7RD1bcjknUoNucnhKnmE


  • You can add SKYPE video calls as a source in xsplit broadcaster stream.  Go to the SOURCES on the menu >> OTHER section >> choose SKYPE video. This only works for one-on-one calls, not group video calls.
  • To remove or change the SKYPE logo that appears when a call is not active, right click on the SKYPE source in the SOURCE LIST and change the offline image.

Projector Mode

  • Display any scene on any monitors that are connected.
  • Projector mode is under TOOLS >> PROJECTOR >> choose the screen and scene or choose to project the active scene.
  • The projector mode can be disabled in the TOOLS menu, but if the wrong window is projected, press the escape key and close the projector window.


(Chased this rabbit and parked it here, but clueless… )  http://www.newtek.com/ndi.html  If affordable, everyday IT systems can communicate with each other, sending and receiving data across a network, why should video production over IP be any different? NDI is more than an IP-based replacement for SDI, sending a one-way signal to a switcher. It’s a bi-directional standard, not only enabling you to share video and audio over IP, but to send and receive multiple input and output signals between devices on your network—making a completely connected facility entirely possible.


Authorize YouTube Live



FaceBook Live Authentication





Live on YouTube

Live on Facebook Page

Setup YouTube Live E vent

YouTube Cards

Verify Ownership to Use Cards

Link AdWords Account

Link Merchandise Accounts

Amazon.com is not on the list, but Etsy, Zazzle and Shopify is on the list of YouTube approved merchants.

Start Google Hangouts On Air to Get Links for EasyWebinar

Youtube Link – http://youtu.be/mQODg2NXPfA

Video embed

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/mQODg2NXPfA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>





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